Shawn Christensen
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Leo Delibes “The Flower Duet”

From the Opera “Lakme”   Download


Vera Lynn “We’ll Meet Again”

Composed by Ross Parker and Hugh Charles   Download


Parallels “Dry Blood”

Written by Cameron Findlay
Performed by Parallels Download


Black Math Horseman “Deerslayer”

Written by Sera Timms, Ian Barry, Bryan Tulao, Sasha Popovic
Performed by Black Math Horseman   Download


Avec Pas D’Casque “Si on change les équipes ce n’est plus une revanch”

Written by Stéphane LaFleur
Performed by Avec Pas D’Casque   Download


Adam & The Amethysts “Prophecy”

Written by Adam Waito
Performed by Adam & The Amethysts   Download


Goodnight Radio “Sophia So Far”

Written and Performed by Shawn Christensen


Boy Friend “Lazy Hunter”

Written by Christa Palazzolo & Sarah Brown
Performed by Boy Friend   Download


Alexander “Truth”

Written by Alex Ebert
Performed by Alexander   Download 

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